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Embark on the ultimate safari experience in Botswana

Embark on the ultimate safari experience in Botswana, where pristine wilderness and abundant wildlife await. Explore the Okavango Delta's waterways, witness the giants of Chobe National Park, and discover the diverse ecosystems of Moremi Game Reserve. With luxury camps and exclusive encounters, our safaris redefine the essence of wildlife adventures in Botswana, promising a journey like no other.

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9 Days Victoria Falls and Okavango Delta Safari

Victoria Falls to Okavango Delta is one of the most well-known safari tours. It includes the Okavango Delta, Victoria Falls, and other popular tourist spots in southern Africa. This is the best tour you can do if you appreciate cheap vacations. We camp the entire time and use tents at the campsites. You can order lunch from the lodge's restaurants while you're there.

Okavango Delta is without a doubt Botswana's most well-known region. The Delta is a peaceful region with lily-covered lagoons and small waterways surrounded by papyrus reeds that is abundant in wildlife and birds. The Okavango is a river delta that feeds into dry ground rather than the sea, making it arguably the most valuable wetland in the entire world. It is unique in its class.

8-Days Botswana Chobe, Linyanti and the Delta

The gorgeous and diversified Linyanti wildlife area, the enchanted Okavango Delta, and spectacular game at a remote camp in Chobe are all included in the Beauty of Botswana Tour. Nogatsaa Pan, walking safaris, game drives, and mokoro rides across extensive floodplains teeming with game and the Linyanti lagoon are all included in the itinerary, as are Linyanti Expeditions' fantastic game watching opportunities. Last but not least, Kadizora's Mokoro, boat tours, and wildlife drive in the renowned Okavango Delta.

7-Days Botswana Big Cats Safari

The Big Cats Botswana Safari is the greatest way to experience two important Botswana regions while offering you the best chance to see Africa's Big Cats. Make fantastic memories while viewing amazing wildlife, staying in luxurious lodges, and taking part in interesting adventures. This is a journey you won't soon forget. Moremi Game Reserve is located in northern Botswana and makes up the eastern portion of the Okavango Delta. It was formally declared on March 15, 1963. Moremi Game Reserve is distinctive from the majority of Africa's great parks and game reserves in that it was established by the native Ngamiland inhabitants and was overseen by the Fauna Conservation Society of Ngamiland until 1979, when it was turned over to the Botswana government. Moremi was established as a result of worries shared by local Europeans and Tribal members that indiscriminate hunting would result in the extinction of all animal species.

5 Days Botswana Wildlife Safari

Discover the best of Botswana in a short amount of time. The most well-known locations, including the Okavango Delta and Moremi Game Reserve, are included on this journey. When you go on Mokoro rides or safari walks, our knowledgeable driver guide will go with you so you may observe how various wild animals live.

5-Days Great Botswana Safari

Botswana for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the lesser-known Great Zebra Migration, in which tens of thousands of Plains Zebras travel to the alluring Nxai Pans in the aftermath of periodic rains that revive this formerly lifeless landscape. You will also go to the Okavango Delta, which is a prime location for wildlife viewing and is frequently referred to as Botswana's "jewel." This will round off your extensive safari experience. Through game drives, helicopter flights, and mokoro excursions, you can see wildlife.

5-Day Victoria Falls and Chobe Park

Take pleasure in visiting these two popular tourist spots in southern Africa. It's a vacation package that allows you to enjoy Victoria Falls activities and Chobe National Park game viewing. Among the Seven Wonders of the World is Victoria Falls. Elephant herds in vast numbers can be seen in Chobe National Park, one of the best locations for viewing wildlife from a boat. The Chobe National Park spans an amazing 10,700 square kilometers (4,150 square miles) of wilderness, from the tip of northern Botswana to the edges of the Okavango Delta. From the verdant floodplains of the Chobe River to the expansive grasslands of the Savuti Marsh and the skeletal Leadwood trees in the Savuti Channel, it features a wide variety of different landscapes.

3-Days Moremi Game Reserve Safari

We'll leave to enter the renowned Moremi Game Reserve for some fantastic wildlife viewing. All of the major naturally occurring herbivore and carnivore species in the area, as well as over 400 species of birds, many of which are migratory and some of which are endangered, are found in the Moremi Game Reserve, making it an exceptional location for game viewing and bird watching. Grasslands, acacia tree forests, savannahs, and dense mopane woodlands make up the Moremi Game Reserve in addition to pans, floodplains, lagoons, and lagoons. Africa's best game watching zone is preserved in the Moremi Game Reserve, which projects into the Okavango Delta. This reserve was created in 1963 by the BaTwana tribal leaders to protect the Delta's traditional hunting grounds. A variety of African game finds refuge in the well-protected game reserve.

3-Day Chobe and Hwange National Park Safari

When you think safari, you probably conjure up images of thrilling game drives through pristine African wilderness in Botswana and Zimbabwe, experiencing spectacular species along the way. The legendary Hwange and Chobe National Parks are one of the world's most known safari havens, and Southern Africa is home to an extraordinary assortment of animal reserves. Game drives here promise a fantastic experience with a diverse selection of species in various areas.

4 Days Botswana Explore

This Botswana trip brings visitors closer to the most popular wildlife spots. The tour begins in Maun or Kasane and travels to Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe National Park. You will camp out and thoroughly examine the flora and fauna as well as the nature of the wildlife with the help of our knowledgeable tour guides. A safari in Chobe is quite adaptable, and we provide a wide variety of experiences to suit your preferences, from exclusive mobile camps to opulent resorts on the river, special walking safaris to bush lunches. While game drives offer a challenging adventure, a tranquil Chobe River cruise is all about relaxing and taking in the waterside life, such as hippos yawning or elephant herds exchanging trumpeted greetings.

Moremi Game Reserve is an enclosed region in Botswana. It is located on the Okavango Delta's eastern side and bears Chief Moremi of the BaTawana tribe's name. Instead of being a national park, Moremi was initially classified as a game reserve. As a result, the BaSarwa or Bushmen who resided there were permitted to remain in the reserve.