Zimbabwe Wildlife Safaris

Embark on a Safari Adventure: Wildlife Safaris in Zimbabwe

Dive into the heart of Africa's untamed wilderness with our Wildlife Safaris in Zimbabwe — an immersive journey that unfolds the extraordinary stories of the country's diverse ecosystems and magnificent wildlife. From iconic national parks to hidden gems, each safari promises a front-row seat to the wonders of Zimbabwe's natural grandeur.

Key Highlights:

  1. Hwange National Park — A Wilderness Wonderland: Explore the vast expanses of Hwange National Park, one of Africa's premier wildlife sanctuaries. Home to a staggering array of species, including the Big Five, Hwange offers unparalleled opportunities for close encounters with elephants, lions, buffalo, and more. Witness the drama of nature unfold against the backdrop of sweeping savannas and acacia-dotted landscapes.
  2. Mana Pools National Park — Riverine Paradise: Immerse yourself in the unique landscapes of Mana Pools, where the Zambezi River creates a haven for diverse wildlife. Traverse riverine forests and floodplains, encountering hippos, crocodiles, and a myriad of bird species. Mana Pools is a photographer's dream, capturing the essence of the untamed African wilderness.
  3. Matobo National Park — Granite Wilderness: Discover the striking landscapes of Matobo National Park, characterized by ancient granite kopjes and balancing rock formations. Home to rhinos, leopards, and a rich birdlife, Matobo offers a different dimension to the safari experience. Engage in rhino tracking and witness the harmony between wildlife and the unique rock formations.
  4. Gonarezhou National Park — Remote Wilderness: Venture into the remote wilderness of Gonarezhou National Park, where the meandering rivers and rugged terrain create a sanctuary for diverse flora and fauna. Experience the thrill of encountering elusive species, including African wild dogs and the iconic baobab trees that dot the landscape.
  5. Luxury Camps and Safari Lodges: Retreat to luxurious camps and lodges that seamlessly blend with the natural surroundings. Experience the warmth of Zimbabwean hospitality while enjoying modern comforts after a day of thrilling safaris. The camps offer a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.
  6. Conservation Commitment: Our safaris align with responsible and sustainable tourism practices. Engage in wildlife conservation efforts and contribute to the preservation of Zimbabwe's natural heritage. By choosing our safaris, you become a part of the ongoing story of conservation and protection.

Zimbabwe Wildlife Safaris are not just adventures; they are odysseys into the heart of Africa's most captivating landscapes. Join us as we navigate the wild terrains, where every sighting is a chapter in the incredible story of Zimbabwe's wildlife.

Embark on the Wild Side: Where Every Safari Unveils a Tale of Nature's Majesty!

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5 Days Standard Tour Victoria Falls to Hwange National Park

On this journey, you'll visit Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe's biggest national park. The magnificent Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. While visiting Victoria Falls, you can participate in a variety of adventure activities around the town. Hwange is the most ideal location for the Big Five. One of Africa's larger parks, it is home to a variety of animals and birds. Hwange national park features a diverse range of fauna, including almost 400 kinds of birds and over 100 species of animals. One of the greatest elephant populations in the world may be found in Hwange National Park, which is famous for its elephants.

Huge elephant herds that wander the park and wade in the puddles of the drinking holes have earned it worldwide fame. African Painted Hunting Dogs, a wonderful kind of wild dog, are abundant, and gemsbok and hyena populations are both acceptable. Leopard and rhino sightings are rare, although lion sightings are frequent. Besides these animals, there are also over 400 different species of birds, a cheetah, a giraffe, a sable, an eland, a waterbuck, a warthog, and a zebra. The spectacular ground-dwelling kori bustard can be seen here, and during the breeding season, crowned cranes engage in amusing courtship dances.

3 Days Victoria Falls and Chobe Safari Botswana

Zimbabwe is most known for Victoria Falls and its national parks, which are home to legendary animal populations. The phenomenon of the nearly 2-kilometer-long Victoria Falls, which was found in 1855 by the renowned British traveler David Livingstone, is the main draw in this area. A wide range of activities are available in Victoria Falls. One of the most well-liked activities is taking a day excursion to Botswana to see Chobe Park or go white water rafting down the powerful Zambezi gorges below the falls.