6 Days Cairo and Luxor

Visit two of Egypt's major cities, Cairo and Luxor, to fully appreciate the magnificence of the ancient Egyptians. The Pyramids of Giza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, are located in Cairo, along with many more monuments that take days to see. You will travel to Luxor in southern Egypt, which is where the majority of the ancient Egyptian structures reside. Massive temples like the Karnak and Luxor temples, as well as the Necropolis of Thebes, which is where the Pharaohs' tombs are located, make Luxor into an outdoor museum. You can see and enjoy the highlights of the two cities with the 7 Days Cairo and Luxor Egypt Tour package.

Tour highlights

  • Cairo

  • Explore the Pyramids

  • Visit Egyptian Museum Coptic Cairo and Khan El Khalili

  • Luxor West bank tour

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      • Day1

        Arrival at the Cairo airport; meet a representative of Dav Safari who will pick you up and take you in a private A/C car to your hotel.

      • Day2

        After breakfast at the hotel, you will begin your Cairo trip to see Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinos, three of the Great Pyramids. Cheops is the largest structure ever created. The Sphinx, a vast network of tombs guarded by the fabled lion body with the face of king Chephren, is the next structure to be seen up close. Enjoy Sound and light show at Pyramids of Giza.

      • Day3

        You will start your full day of sightseeing in the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities after eating breakfast at the hotel. The world's largest and most valuable collection of Egyptian art is on display, representing a remarkable collection of 5000 years of art. There are more than 250,000 authentic artifacts on display, including one devoted to the jewels, gold, and jewelry collection of Tutankhamen, which was kept in his tomb for more than 3,500 years before it was found in the 1920s during the excavation of his tomb. Visit the Ben Ezra Synagogue and old Coptic Cairo, which has many churches nearby. Visit Khan El Kahlili Bazaar at the conclusion of the tour to see its twisting lanes and stores filled with merchandise of every description. Cairo overnight

      • Day4

        Today, we have an early shuttle to the Cairo airport for our journey to Luxor. After arriving in Luxor, a Dav Safari representative will meet you and drive you to your accommodation. Visit the West Bank, which includes the Valley of the Kings (a valley in Egypt where tombs were built for the kings and wealthy nobility of the New Kingdom (the Eighteenth through Twentieth Dynasties of Ancient Egypt) for a period of nearly 500 years from the 16th to the 11th century BC). The valley is located in the center of the Theban Necropolis, across from Thebes (modern Luxor), on the west bank of the Nile. Colossi of Memnon (The two colossi are built of sandstone that was once transported from Gabal El Silselah. King Amenhotep III is depicted in each colossus, which stands roughly 21 meters tall (with the pedestal and the crown), seated on his throne and donning the Memes, or royal headgear, with the god cobra guarding him.

      • Day5

        We will visit the Karnak Temple today, which is a complex of temples constructed during several eras. Visit the Unfinished Propylon, the Hypostyle Hall with its 134 enormous columns, the Obelisks of Queen Hatshepsute and Tutomosis III, the Temple of Amon with its papyrus and lotus decorations, the Granite Scarbeus of Amenophis III, and the Sacred Lake starting by the Avenue of Sphinxes. After that, visit the Luxor Temple (optional Tours). Visit the Luxor Museum or the Karnak Temple Sound and Light Show.

      • Day6

        Breakfast at the hotel, and then go to the airport to fly out of Cairo to your home country.

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