Uganda offers a variety of touristic activities among which mountain climbing is a part, this physically challenging adventure

Mountain Climbing And Hiking In Uganda

November 1, 2021
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Uganda offers a variety of touristic activities among which mountain climbing is a part, this physically challenging adventure is open to tourists throughout the year with the best months being December – March, and June to August. Our clients are required to have their own mountain climbing and hiking gear such as hiking shoes, long truckers, cape, binoculars, and cameras in their backpackers, as well we trekking tents, trails guides, walking sticks, water, and food is provided to our dear clients, below are the key mountain climbing destination in Uganda.
Mountain Rwenzori National Park has located approximately 400km away southwest of Kampala, the mountain stretched from the East African rift valley to about 16700feets above sea level. Mountain climbing on Rwenzori Mountain has 2 trails which are the central circuit trail and kilembe trails which take 7 and 5 days respectively to the highest peak (Margharita peak) and it offers an amazing opportunity to view the stunning snow-capped peaks, alpine vegetation, nearby farmlands, Queen Elizabeth national park, and Virunga ranges in the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Mountain Elgon hiking, travel for about 300km east of the Kampala city to the slopes of the extinct mountain which is shared between Uganda and Kenya with its highest wagagai peak at 4321 meters above sea level. This park ensures the best hiking opportunity for those who are interested in lower peak hiking. There are different trails such as the Piswa trail which is long with a moderate physical challenge and you will cover 49kilometers in a period of 7 days, the Sipi trail covers 56kilometers in about 4-6days and the Sasa trail which is the shortest though with the toughest physical challenge because of its steep nature and takes 4 days to the highest peak.
Mgahinga national park gives an opportunity to tourists to hike the three extinct volcanoes which are shared by the border of Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These extinct volcanoes include mount Muhavura with 5127 meters high, mount Gahinga which is 8km long, and Mount Sabinyo. These volcanoes are covered with mushy montane vegetation with the stunning views of volcanoes national park in Rwanda, Gahinga rain forest, Bwindi impenetrable national park, Rwenzori Ranges, Queen Elizabeth national park and Lake Edward on the side of Uganda, and Virunga national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The hike here takes 1 day.
Hiking Morungole Mountains in Kidepo valley National Park, this is another day excursion with about 10km hike. This gives you a chance to have a glimpse to t the IK people’s lifestyle which is one of the smallest ethnic groups in Uganda, with views of the savanna plains of Kidepo valley national park.

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