Game Drives In Uganda

November 1, 2021
Safari Updates

This activity involves our guests sitting in a 4×4 safari vehicle with a popup roof and have 360 degrees view of the landscape and wildlife. This is one of the most attractive adventures done in 6 of Uganda’s National Parks and all the game reserves, the activity is a fully guided excursion by our experienced safari guides or onsite ranger guide
Game drive in Murchison falls national park: this adventurous activity allows you to experience the unmatched numbers of wildlife in Murchison falls; on the game drive in this park you will see various animal species like the famous big fives, antelopes, and many species of birds alongside the scenic views of the savanna grassland. There is 3 game drive in Murchison falls and these are the morning game drive on this you will catch the early grassers, the evening game drive, and the night game drive which targets mostly the nocturnal animals such as lions, leopards, jackals, and hyenas.
Game driving In Queen Elizabeth National Park: this activity is the most exciting to our guests in Queen Elizabeth national park, it gives a chance to tour guests to have excellent views of animals, plants, and landscape. The park has 2 sectors where this activity is carried on: the Kasenyi sector commonly for the herds of Elephants, cape buffalos, and antelopes, and the Ishasha sector, which is also commonly known for its unique adventure of the tree-climbing lions. In Queen Elizabeth, a game drive is approximately 4-5 hours, they are 3 game drives here: the Morning game drive, which starts at 6:00 am, the evening game drive, and the nocturnal game at night, which requires a spotlight for the clear views.
Game Drive in Lake Mburo National Park: on this activity, you enjoy your game drive in savanna plains, enjoy seeing zebras in every corridor of the park alongside other wildlife species such as giraffes, elands, buffalos, and antelopes. Game drive in this park is available all year round; the activity is conducted by our experienced safari guide.
Game drive in Kidepo valley national park The park is known for its populous variety of wildlife spread across the park which includes Lions, cheetahs, elephants, Oryx, bat-eared fox, jackals, and many more. There are only 2 game drives daily which are the morning game drive and the evening game drive which starts at 6 am and 4 pm respectively
Game drives in Semiliki National park: our visitors alongside their allocated safari guide drive within the park to spot several animals, birds, primates, landscapes, and others. Semiliki national park has a morning game drive and in the afternoon and during the day will be able to view animals such as waterbucks, warthogs, buffaloes, bushbucks, Uganda kobs, bush babies, grey-checked mangabey, hippos, forest elephants, and much more. There is also a night game drive conducted by Semiliki lodge with the game rangers who carry spotlights for easy viewing of the nocturnal animals like the genets, eagle owls, white-tailed mongoose, bush baby, leopards, pottos, bats along with others.

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